(Editors note* Read text in German accent) Flying obstacle, container gap and railing slide: a surreal playground for grown-ups. With “Wake Crane” it has now become reality. Wakeboard stars Dominik Gührs (GER), Felix Georgii (GER) and Dominik Hernler (AUT) prolonged their summer in Pula, Croatia, crowning the best time of the year with a 360° wake park: The famous trio not only designed and built the container park themselves, they of course also rode it! A world premiere: Never before have wakeboarders been dragged by a floating crane. Absolute highlight of the self-made 360° crane course was the “Flying Obstacle” – a levitating container conceived by Dominik Gührs and Felix Georgii. “Wakeboarding on a crane itself is already cool. Combining it with container obstacles both in the water and in the air is just crazy, and something completely new in our sport,” summarizes world champion Dominik Gührs. All information at www.redbull.com/wakecrane.

Video from www.redbull.com/de
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