As the sun sets earlier by the day, we remember first, the long golden days of summer. There is something carefree that spans the distance between the actual summer days and the summer of our lives—that age where each day is a barreling wave or meaty double up—long before the world becomes a stage and demands we perform.

Malibu Team Rider Oli Derome would tell you—whether wake surfing behind a 70ft yacht or soaking up the rays with treats from an ice cream dingy—in the summer, anything is possible. And in the forthcoming wake film Seasons, we find Remedy Films and the SMG Wake team, once again, riding that line.

Join us after the opening night of The Atlanta Boat Show, January 14th, as wake lovers, gnar shredders and water junkies of all ages gather for the premier of the highly-anticipated, full-length wake film Seasons, filmed across the Southeast over the course of 9 months. It’s not only babies that take 9 months to come out.

Location and time of the premier TBA.

Video from Remedy Films
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