Last winter Jen GilanFarr and Flick Blackmore spent two weeks road tripping through the South Island of New Zealand with Flick’s wakeskate boat, ‘Sherilyn’. They woke up to a different glassy lake almost every morning. 1,500 miles, 9 lakes and 25 hours on the boat later, their Dream Trip was complete…  or so they thought. They had such an amazing trip they decided to keep living the dream and met up at CWC for a few more weeks in wake paradise. Where will you chase summer this winter?

Massive thanks to The Wakebabes, Wandr Co, CWC Wake Park, O’Neill Womens, and the Blackmore’s for making this trip possible!

Edited by Riley Bathurst.

***You can drown in your bathtub if you fall hard enough. Always wear a life jacket while wakeskating.***
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