“Braden Ioi may be Canada’s happiest camper; that should already tell you a great deal about the guy. Always with a smile on his face and looking on the brighter side of things, it’s hard to not to want Braden a part of every trip you plan and any video you film. Just from his shear ability to keep the spirits up Ioi is a huge asset to this film. If keeping a film trip positive and enjoyable wasn’t already enough he absolutely destroys it on a wakeskate. Braden has taken the stale and standard stuff we see on the water and shapes it into something fresh and new. He will do a trick you’ve seen a hundred times and tweak in just the right places and you’ll think it is something completely different. For Ioi, wakeskating is something that is always open to interpretation and experimentation. We can’t wait to see the results in Istudiomo.”

For more info about Braden Ioi check out http://istudiomo.com/project/braden-ioi/

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