There are many fine traditions that come in the month of November: Thanksgiving (American), football (American), Guy Fawkes Night (UK & New Zealand), Día de la Revolución (Mexico), and of course the Alliance Wakeboard Magazine Photo Annual (Earth). We have spent the past 365 days hoarding the best photos of the year, narrowed them down to about 30, and put them on display in a large format issue for your viewing pleasure. In all seriousness, we strive each year to create a Photo Annual that is as much a reflection of the past year as it is a visual treat. Fortunately for us photographers and riders seem to be getting better and better at making jaw-dropping moments come together. Inside this year’s Photo Annual you will find some of the most incredible photography we have ever put to print.


Bob Soven doubling up.  Photo: Ian Reid

But wait, there’s more! Just as the Photo Annual is a year-end tradition for us at Alliance, so too is the Rider of the Year award. More debate, thought, and energy goes into a ROTY selection than is probably necessary, but we do it because we believe in the award and what it stands for. This year was no different and we are really stoked to have the incomparable Bob Soven be named the 2013 Rider of the Year. Inside the Photo Annual issue you will find an awesome interview with Bob that gives some serious insight into what exactly it is that makes him tick – and why he’s the newest ROTY.


In the mix… Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Bob joins the following riders in the Alliance Rider of the Year family.

  • 2001 – Brian Grubb
  • 2002 – Parks Bonifay & Randall Harris
  • 2003 – Aaron Reed
  • 2004 – Chad Sharpe
  • 2005 – Ben Greenwood
  • 2006 – Danny Harf
  • 2007 – Randall Harris
  • 2008 – Danny Hampson
  • 2009 – Chris O’Shea
  • 2010 – Tom Fooshee
  • 2011 – Reed Hansen
  • 2012 – Raph Derome

Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest Photo Annual/ROTY issue at your local shop, it was one you’re gonna want on your coffee table (or next to your porcelain throne) for a while.


You’re probably going to want to see photos like this in large format print… Brenton Priestley under an epic Clermont sunset.  Photo: Garrett Cortese