2014 Alliance Wake Superlative Awards – Wake Park Rider of the Year

Daniel Grant


You know you’re going to have a good year when you start it off with a section like Daniel Grant’s in The Debut. Of course, at this point we always expect Daniel Grant to have a good year. Many riders would feel accomplishment enough after a section like Daniel’s, but the kid-wonder from Thailand didn’t stop there. In fact, that was just his starting point. Daniel continued to progress and dominate in ways only he seemingly can. His tear through Europe included wins at FISE and Wake of Steel, along with a Big Air win at Rising High. Throughout the year he continued to drop web edits that showcased his talent, consistency, style, and versatility – be it wakeboarding or wakeskating.

Would you 360 ollie, with a nose tap, OVER this? Daniel does…   Photo: Garrett Cortese

If you want more evidence of Daniel Grant’s unbelievable abilities as a rider, just watch this video, which was filmed while Daniel rode for 40 minutes at his home park. Not a week, or a month, or more. Just 40 minutes. Some of us can’t even finish a 40-minute “gym session” without being totally gassed… http://www.alliancewake.com/wake/40-minutes-of-filming-with-daniel-grant/

Putting on a show for the crowd at the Wake Park Triple Crown stop at Terminus    Photo: Garrett Cortese