Robby on the Breddas.   photo: Cortese

Robby on the Breddas. photo: Cortese


O’Brien Breddas
Length: 138cm
Width: 43.7cm
Rocker: “3.25 Press Pass”
MSRP: $530
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Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.25.13 PM

What the catalog says
“Hands down the Breddas (AKA: Benjamin, Jeremiah, and Mattias Hoppe) are three of the most technical and creative park riders in the industry, so we crafted their signature board to be as innovative and resilient as their riding. The 100% Paulownia wood core is durable, creates a perfect flex pattern for explosive ollies, and the Press Pass rockerline features 5 distinct zones throughout the base providing a larger more stable platform when landing and pressing features.” 

Tester Comments
“Not too fast or too slow. Not too stiff or too flexible. Middle of the road.” – Tony
“Really predictable and durable, great for any park rider.” – Robby
“Not the most fun of the group.” – Gus


CTP on the CTP. photo: Rutledge


O’Brien CTP (Cory Teunissen)
Length: 141
Width: 43.2cm
Rocker: 2.45” 3-stage
MSRP: $450
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Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.27.29 PM

What the pro says
“Dude, I love how my board rides! It’s the poppiest board I’ve ever jumped on. It has a super skatey feel to it, but once you put it on edge, because it has really sharp edges, it will just lock in. It’s a really fast, yet controllable ride. I’ve personally seen people riding it during their first time wakeboarding, to people learning their first flip or mobe. I ride it everyday just simply because of the fact that I enjoy riding it!” – Cory Teunissen

Tester Comments
“The CTP has a hard edge with good pop, but doesn’t land the softest.” – Tony
“Good speed and decent pop. Rides loose when not on edge.” – Trevor
“Fun, playful shape… That’s what she said!” – Robby
“Pops higher than it can handle for landings.” – Gus


Tony Carroll shredded the Revo, it was one of his top boat boards. photo: Cortese


O’Brien Revo (Parker Siegele) (Alliance Approved)
Length: 139cm
Width: 44.2cm
Rocker: 2.3” progressive
MSRP: $500
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Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.33.07 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 4.29.38 PM

What the pro says
“The durability of my new Revo with an Impact Base and Dura Rail is perfect. There is a spine along the base that gives it soft landings, and with an aggressive 5-stage rocker line it gives it clean and consistent pop. Being my first pro model I wanted a graphic that stood out and was different than any other board’s graphic. I’m stoked on how it turned out.” – Parker Siegele

Tester Comments
“Has good snap off the top of the wake, can slip and slide a little much for me.” – Gus
“If you control your edge right this board has massive pop.” – Tony
“Felt solid all the way around. Easy to ride and fun for the boat.” – Trevor
“Fun shape, makes me wanna sing Juicy J; ‘All I blow is loud!’” – Robby