Luca Kidd was one of those riders that came out of nowhere this year but it didn’t take long for people to take notice. He lit up the Jr Pro division of the Malibu Rider Experience by winning all 4 stops and taking the overall title, landed the cover of the June 2018 issue, and generally crushed it all year long. Oh not to mention, took home “Best Fashion Air” at the 2018 Old School Contest which is a BIG DEAL. Jokes aside, Luca killed it and we’re stoked to call him the 2018 Alliance Superlative Rookie of the Year!

2018 Superlative Rookie of the Year

Behind the Watermark

It’s a Vibe In Ibiza

Cover of the June 2018.5 issue (photo: Soden)

Throw up the horns (photo: Mathis)

He’s got a solid method (photo: Mathis)

Oh, and a good poke too (photo: Mathis)

Tossin’ buckets (photo: Mathis)

Luca’s just getting started (photo: Mathis)