Afternoon training session with Cory Teunissen and Mick Fanning.  photos: rutledge

Week two is complete and I’m pretty sure I was sunburned all week.  When everyone tells you to apply sunscreen every hour you should take it serious, especially in Australia.  This week was a bit busier for me with lots of driving and traveling to the Sunshine Coast to Bli Bli, a DIY backyard wakeskate spot Cam built and invited us out to.  Then, I made it back down to the Gold Coast to ride on the Tweed river with Cory Teunissen, Mike Dowdy and Tyler Hingham.  Thursday was a travel day down to the Yarrawonga river so check back next week for more.

ATL native Blake Bishop making the trek to Bli Bli cable park and chase the endless summer.

Braden Ioi and Felix Georgii with some down time mid day after an early morning at the cable.

First session on the new wall at Bli Bli with the boys.

Braden Ioi getting coping at the Noosa Head bowl.

Drew Austin hiding from the sun at Cams backyard wakeskate spot.

Cory Teunissen and Mike Dowdy with a gym session before Moomba Masters in Melbourne.