When you visualize the Southwestern United States, images of golden, barren deserts, vibrant hues of reds, vertical spires, the Grand Canyon and some of our nation’s most amazing national parks come to mind. Throughout the 50s and 60s, vacationers created life-long memories driving through this section of the country on historic Route 66, ushering in the automotive road-tripping culture. “Getting there is half the fun,” wasn’t only a popular marketing slogan, it was touchable and embraced. Ultimately these adventures were about creating memories with friends and families, and something you couldn’t wait to share with those yet to experience.

Boating, in many ways, shares the same emotional DNA with the road-tripping golden age of the automotive era. It’s adventurous, invites community and creates memories. That in itself has no monetary measurement and something we wish for everyone to experience and make a part of their own DNA.
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