It's Winter Surf Expo (is that an oxy moron?) here in Orlando, and the Quiksilver (Quik) and Alliance crews got together for a little dinner last night. Apparently none of us had been to or heard about Opa's before, because what started out as a well-intentioned "business/bro" dinner, quickly went out the window for dancing on tables and throwing napkins like confetti.

You see, Opa's likes to party. Hard. And they like their patrons to party. Harder. Dancing on tables isn't just expected, it's encouraged, and the waitresses will do it with you… they'll even bring in a belly dancing, sword wielding, fire chick too. The music is loud nonstop and one guy, who I now call Captain Napkin, runs around throwing napkins in the air.

So while we didn't get much business done, we had one heck of an evening with the Quiksilver and Roxy crews. We witnessed one anonymous member of the Hurley crew almost hurl after a roud of Jack shots were sent over by the Quik guys. We saw a swinging couple approach one member of the Alliance crew and make an awkward and indecent proposal. And towards the end of our "dinner" we even saw some party-loving patrons groping each others no-no zones while dancing on a table in front of everybody. And of course, we danced on tables and threw lots of napkins. So if you're at a Quiksilver event, store, or trade show booth in the future and you see somebody running around throwing napkins everywhere, now you'll know why.

Only at Surf Expo (and this wasn't even the "wakeboarding" one…)

Thanks to Quik for the dinner, though, it will not soon be forgotten. And I am more than happy to be an honorary Captain Napkin at any future business dinners.