If there is one term Red Bull does not have in its vocabulary of party-throwing words, it is "half-ass." Actually, Red Bull probably don't know the term "3/4-ass" or even "7/8-ass." 'Cause when it comes to setting up an event of any kind, it seems Red Bull is always 100%.

Such was the case with Adam Errington's 21st birthday bash last night in Orlando. Not wanting to have JD Webb's 21st celebration from last year outshine Adam's, Red Bull made sure to make Adam's as unique and unforgettable as possible (unforgettable 'cause usually at 21st birthday parties much is forgotten…). So instead of renting a rooftop lounge in downtown Orlando, Red Bull rented out a private hangar at the Orlando Executive Airport. Of course, since the party was at an airport, the guest of honor had to arrive by helicopter (in a full tux with two lovely Red Bull girls on his arms and bagpipes playing Happy Birthday, no less).

The party raged in the hangar well into the night as Adam and all of his family and friends (well, not all of them, as the party was strictly 21 and up) enjoyed the beats and mixes spun by none other than DJ Drop Top (Brandon Thomas), the free beverage services, the break dance routines, and the security service of two of the largest men in all of Florida.

Happy Birthday to Adam, hopefully this web story and some of the other photo/video pieces taken by others will help restore your memory over the next couple days. Thanks for being sponsored by Red Bull, dude!

p.s. Dear Red Bull, please consider this my fourth application for potential sponsorship. My birthday is in November. Thank you, you know where I live.