With summer '07 almost officially here, the world of wake in and around Orlando has been popping. In the past five weeks or so we've had the Toe Jam, the Wake Games, and The Carnival right here in the Mecca of wake (not to mention the kickoff of the PWT in Georgia). Needless to say the riders who call the Wake Mecca home have been pretty busy. But when they're not at contests making money (or trying to), they can be found back at home doing what they do best: riding.

As a photographer and editor for Alliance I often find myself running around the Mecca to hang out and shoot with all of the resident wake folk; 1. because it's fun and 2. because I want to keep all you wake fans tuned into the sports you love. Recently I've been everywhere from The Projects to The Wakeboard Camp and everywhere in between. Some of the guys I've shot with include Aaron Reed, Matt Manzari, Randall Harris, Ben Greenwood, Brian Reeder, Kevin Henshaw, James Balzer, Rusty Malinoski, Keith Lidberg, Pat Panakos, Travis Propst and Josh Palma.

So here's a sneak peak at some of these photo shoots and what's been going down in the O-Town. If these get you stoked, just keep your eyelids peeled for the next few issues of Alliance (they're gonna be sweeter than grandma's homemade jam…)