I’ve had a rad week in Orlando hanging with four of the world’s top adaptive riders. It’s insane how much adaptive riding has progressed over the past several years and I was stoked to see it firsthand. We kicked off the week at my place and I’m not sure there was a better way to christen my 2014 XSTAR. The riders were boosting wake to wake jumps consistently at 60 feet and some were even hitting backside 180’s!! After riding boat at my house, we spent the next couple days at The Boarding School riding their System 2.0 (big thanks to Travis Moye and the crew there for hosting us). Such a motivating and fun week seeing these guys shred…keep an eye out for the full feature in an upcoming issue of the mag! Lastly, I’d like to thank Danny Hampson for all his help/time in organizing the past week for the riders.