Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, wake lovers of all ages… let’s get ready to rumble! That intro sounds a lot better if playing “Get Ready For This” by The Hit Crew… Anyway, this week’s photo battle royale kicks off a challenge between two photographers from opposite ends of the earth. In one corner there is Australian shooter Josh Robinson and his wide-angle, up-close rail shot of Down Under shredder Brenton Priestley back boarding a long rail. In the other corner is photographer Stewart Cox from North Carolina and his tightly framed action snap of local ripper Benj Trogdon. Two very different but very good photographs. Only one can win and continue on for a chance at the prize. Vote now.

Photo 1 by Josh Robinson // Rider: Brenton Preistley

Photo 2 by Stewart Cox // Rider: Benj Trogdon

Which photo do you like better?

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This Alliance Photo Battle is brought to you by O’neill Eyewear. The winner of this battle will go on to compete against a new challenger for a chance to win a pair of shades from O’Neill Eyewear. Don’t forget to submit your photos for a chance to win!