When you go to Australia for a month you take a lot of photos, 9,208 to be exact.  It was my first time down under and I could’t have had better weather and luck(beside the $230 bag fee charge from Virgin Australia.)  I traveled to Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Grafton, Sunshine Coast, BliBli, Yarrawonga, Melbourne and more all while couch surfing and eating an un-helahty amount of acaii bowls.  I accumulated a lot of photos they never made it to print or the inter webs so far so I put together a gallery of used and unscene photos from the month long trip of Brenton Priestley, Alex Graydon, Cory Teunissen, Mike Dowdy, Tyler Higham, Felix Georgii, Steffen Vollert, Raimi Merritt, Chloe Mills, Levi Paddington, Braden Ioi and more.BMR09536 BMR09540 IMG_3362 IMG_3430 BMR00470 BMR09760 IMG_3496 IMG_3506 BMR00164 BMR00229 IMG_4236 IMG_3678 IMG_4238 IMG_3704 IMG_3749 IMG_3947 IMG_4241 IMG_4223 BMR00709 BMR00844 BMR00882 BMR00923 BMR00893 DSC04787  BMR00944  BMR00981 BMR00965 BMR00992 IMG_4315 IMG_4323 BMR01076 BMR02137 IMG_4359 BMR01107 BMR02189 BMR01184 BMR01472

BMR01514 BMR01558 IMG_4384 IMG_4651   BMR01827 BMR01951 BMR01953 BMR01957 BMR01959 BMR02007 BMR02011 BMR02061 BMR02300 BMR02323  BMR02389 BMR02412 BMR02454 BMR02474 BMR02498  BMR02571


BMR02584  BMR02676 BMR03165 BMR03238 BMR03248 BMR03409     BMR03860


BMR03914 BMR04021 BMR04206  IMG_4676 IMG_4749 IMG_4932

IMG_4920 IMG_4923 IMG_4899IMG_4952 IMG_5038 IMG_5259  BMR04622 DSC05235 IMG_5670 IMG_5753 IMG_5833 IMG_5862