For the past few months Kevin Henshaw has kept himself busy by completely gutting and remodeling his new pad in Clermont, FL. And while the upstairs looks amazing and should be shown in photographs, it's really the downstairs the wakeboarding community is concerned with. The entire basement of Henshaw's has been converted into a bar complete with pool table, ping pong table and poker tables. The area has officially been named The Lobby but I like to call it T 'n A (for Totally Awesome!)

Last night Henshaw hosted a friendly poker tournament for anybody who wanted to come and the turnout was large. Seventeen people entered the contest and a lot of others just came to hang out at the bar and watch their friends try to put on poker faces.

The gaming went early into the morning. The betting was fierce, the banter was lively, and some of the hands that were played out were more suspenseful than the Alien movie trilogy. ESPN's World Series of Poker would've been proud, no doubt. In the end the last man standing was Rusty Malinoski. Fellow Canadian Anthony Hollick took second and Shane Bonifay took third. All in all it was a fun gathering of friends, and I'm sure the next game is starting in about four or five hours.