Atlas Wake Series – Charlotte

Don’t tell us that East Coast wakeboarding is dieing! On Saturday September 18th fifty riders and almost 2000 spectators showed up to Vinnies on the Lake on what was the largest Atlas Wake Series event of all times.

It couldn’t have been a better day on the Lake Norman as fall set in and the sun was out. Between the lake and restaurant, there was barely an empty space in the house to watch the event from.  Wave Energy Drink, our newest supporter came out in full force with a tiki hut, beautiful promo girls and the entire staff to support all the event.  They are a local company based right here in Charlotte supporting the local scene, what more could you ask for?

The riders came from all over the Mid Atlantic and were ready to throw down. The open division once again stole the show with 10 riders who were all capable of winning any event. But on this day it was Troy Ogburn who took the top. Long time rider Matt Kirk took second and Brandon Bell 3rd.

Gordon Harrison made the jump to pro this event as well. We have heard how strong he has been riding all summer, but we hadn’t seen him compete until now. He ended up second between Adam Fields and Alex Hamrick who both had amazing runs.  It has been really great to watch Gordon grow through the divisions with us each year all the way to the top.

Emylee Wright also showed the crowd why she is riding pro women’s on the tour now. She has no problems taking on the boys in the intermediate division which allows 6 inverts and 540’s. She has been unchallenged in the Women’s Division for the past 2 years as well.

There was no better way to close a season then the Charlotte stop as summer closed. All the support from the spectators and the new sponsors Wave Energy Drink, Wet Sounds, and Pro Tec, as well as long time supporters Icy Waves, and, made this event the biggest we have ever seen.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make it happen!

To see all the photos please check out

1.    Adam Fields
2.    Gordon Harrison
3.    Alex Hamrick

1.    Troy Ogburn
2.    Matt Kirk
3.    Brandon Bell

1.    Michael Southerland
2.    Daniel Pate
3.    Bryce Rush

1.    Emylee Wright
2.    Nicole Steele
3.    Joy Manning

1.    Lucas Holmes
2.    Alex Rickette
3.    Cameron Brown

1.    Killian Grondin
2.    Chad Brinkle
3.    Hunter Farr

1.    Ben Pierce
2.    Brad Holland