The August / September issue of Alliance has officially hit stores. It’s hard to believe that we’ve already passed the mid point of the season and are looking on towards fall. The summer has been jam packed full of action and events like Wake the Line, Brostock,and more and it’s all within issue 12.7. The cover collaboration comes from Jeff Langley and Jason Lee on Clear lake in Orlando, FL. Jeff has been kicking ass this year. He has quit his day job and is officially a pro these days. He’s riding better than ever which is why we chose to put him on the first page of our mag.


It’s no secret that the Derome brothers have been dominating the sport this year. At any rail event they enter you can bet at least one of them will make podium (if not both). They have locked in serious moves like mute double cab rolls, spins to presses, and more. Maybe it’s their size or the fact that they both drive extremely humble vehicles, or that they hail from Quebec…We’re not sure what the magic ingredient is but we do know that they both have it. Their interview covers all the bases from Raphael’s hatred towards the english language to Oli’s emotional hang ups.


Next up we have coverage of Ze Uber Contest aka Wake the Line. It’s arguably the biggest event of the year drawing athletes from all over the world to Cologne Germany for a weekend of cut-throat battles between your favorite rail riders such as Nico Von Lerchenfeld, Raph Derome, Kevin Henshaw and more. Spread across 3 olympic sized swimming pools, the riding took place in front of a crowd of 10,000 spectators which was the biggest crowd to date, and guess who took home the first place check? Non other than Raphael Derome. We knew we were onto something when we interviewed this kid 20 pages earlier in the issue.


The issue rounds out with an epic battle between the riders for Mr. Brostock 2012. The event was held at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. It was the first time at this new location and the locals came flocking to meet the pros, watch the event, and give everyone a run for their money when it came to having a good time. New to the Brostock agenda this year was the charity golf tournament featuring 1 streaker, 1 flipped golf cart, and two passengers tossed onto the pavement (all separate occasions). Kevin Henshaw was the front runner throughout the weekend earning countless bro points, but it wasn’t easy, especially when it came to the blow dart war in room 225.



Grab issue 12.7 at your local pro shop today and stay tuned to for details, outtakes and more…