I must first apologize for the lack of quality photography…The action was far too intense for my camera phone. However, they are still better than never documenting this event at all.


When Dan-O Amir calls you and mentions that he's going to go for a fitness ride, the only valid response is "do you have an extra bike?" Of course he did, the only hang up was that it was pink. Clay Fletcher decided to join us on our escapades, and away we went. THe workout started with some pedaling to get the heart-rate up and then we moved on to the monkey bars and the parallels. Monkey bars are way harder than I remember. Next we moved on to the reflection spot where Dan-O likes to look out over the lake and envision wakeboarders progressing the sport right in front of his eyes. Next we had to check up on the hood and make sure all the neighbors were doing well. We spent about 2 hours in the streets just putting out the vibe and shooting the shit with whoever was driving by. Dan-O pretty much knows EVERYONE who lives in the neighborhood and he claims he had to quit his job just so he could maintain relationships in the neighborhood. Clay finally stuck a sick gap he's been working on since he moved to the hood, and also surfed the hardest curb on their street. Great day all-together!