Method: Front hand grabs heel edge either between the bindings, or in front of the front binding.

There aren’t to many tricks as iconic as the method.  It is personally one of my favorite tricks to shoot even though it is one of the most photographed tricks.  Alex Graydon is someone I have shot with for years and by far has my favoite methods out there.  While in Australia I got him to do a few methods while I shot it wide angle from the bow of a chase boat.  I had no water housing for this shot but I wrapped my camera with a t-shirt to keep it dry.  If you shoot from this angle remember to wipe the lens off completely between each try to ensure the photo will turn out crisp and not have water marks everywhere.  You and your camera will get wet but remember most cameras are weather sealed and can take a lot of abuse.

Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV
Lens: Sigma 20mm F1.4A
Shutter: 1/3200
F-Stop: 1.4
ISO: 100