Jacob Showing some of his West Coast style on a recent trip to Florida. 

Thing about being from the West Coast:
B: Surf, Snow, Wakeboarding, Mountain Bike  all in one day.
W: The mission to ride everyday

Time of day to ride:
B: Before sunset
W: Before 8

Thing about Orlando:
B: Lakes on lakes on lakes
W: It’s flat

Canyon Lake:
B: Summer activities
W: 21 foot boat limit

Way to pass time on a long flight:
B: Be unconscious
W: Dead electronics

Trends in wakeboarding right now:
B: Wakezeach
W: Big boards and narrow stance

Nothing better then a proper method.

Boat you’ve owned:
B: Supra SA 450
W: Bayliner

Off-season activity:
B: Surf and mountain bike
W: 9-5s

Hype music:
B: Nipsey hussle
W: Country

Fast food restaurant:
B: In n out
W: Arby’s