Thing about living in Orlando:

B: Being able to ride with all my friends!

W: It is gross and ghetto. BTW I’m from Austin, Texas and it is way better than Orlando in almost every aspect!


Time of day:

B: Anywhere from 8-11:30am because Lake Austin isn’t slam packed with wakesurfers yet

W: After 1am, it’s tough for me to stay up that late


Boat you’ve owned:

B: 2005 Mastercraft X-star

W: 21 foot sea ray from the 90’s. I have never owned a boat; my dad was nice enough to purchase a boat while I was growing up.


Thing about riding with Dowdy: 

B: His riding is so insane! It makes you really want to push to the next level!

W: These new supercharged engines can really drink some fuel


Trends in wake:

B: Alliances anonymous comments

W: Pre-spinning off kickers


Fast food option:

B: Whataburger

W: Burger King


Feature at OWC:

B: John Haile spitting some rhymes as I take off the dock

W: Nessy


Movie you’ve seen recently:

B: Happy Gilmore

W: Bad Grandpa


Tricks in wakeboarding right now:

B: Personally I like 90’s style tricks, just boosting as big as possible

W: There honestly aren’t very many tricks I don’t enjoy


Way to pass time on a long flight:

B: Movies or sleeping

W: Sitting next to overweight/smelly people


Activity in the off-season:

B: Going to Australia

W: Sitting at home in the cold