It’s all good in the ‘hood with Jim
Breakfast food
Best: Strawberries, bananas, and blueberries with some vanilla yogurt. Yummm
Worst: Raw eggs

Thing about living next door to Adam and Bob
Best: Always someone to ride with, and there is always something going on around here.
Worst: I never know where anything is because Bob and Adam are thieves!

Way to avoid getting a boating ticket
Best: Stay on Clear Lake, there are almost never any cops out
Worst: Going to ride on the Butler or Conway chains. There are always cops!

Trend in wakeboarding these days
Best: Double flips
Worst: Everyone trying the same double flip. I think Dowdy might have just broken that

Movie you’ve seen recently
Best: Pitch Perfect
Worst:  I Know Who Killed Me

Bar downtown
Best: I am a big fan of Other Bar
Worst: Is there such thing?

Thing about long hair
Best: The ladies love it! Well maybe not, but I like to think so
Worst: Eating some hair with your dinner is never fun


Mmmmmm…. long hair
Hobby wakeboarders have had over the years
Best: Golf
Worst: Going downtown

Thing you have to do today
Best: We shot the opening to an edit we’re doing all about the ‘Hood
Worst: Clean up after my dog Carl puked up his breakfast

Best: Coffee in the morning
Worst: Langley’s farts

Way to exercise Carl
Best: Skateboarding with him up and down the street. He loves it.
Worst: When we go out wakesurfing he thinks he needs to jump in every time someone falls. It was funny the first few times

Thing about having status on Delta
Best: Flying first class!!!
Worst: Every other wakeboarder and their mom has status with Delta


Way to do a backside 180
Best: Big and grabbed
Worst: off the end of a rail

Nickname for your roommate Jeff Langley
Best: Bruce
Worst: Bruce Almighty