Thing about living on Lake Hiawassee
Best: Nobody else is ever on the lake so it’s always flat and good conditions
Worst: The reason nobody is on the lake is because there’s a golf course on it that pulls from it to water the course, which has caused the lake to drop almost 10 feet. It’s probably gonna dry up by this time next year unless we get some serious rain this year

Part of having your younger brother be a bartender downtown
Best: He actually manages a bar downtown so it’s nice; free food and drinks, what more could you ask for?
Worst: He’s always wanting me and the crew to come to the bar, which leads us into being downtown way too much

Breakfast food
Best: Cold pizza
Worst: Grits

Movie you’ve seen recently
Best: Django Unchained
Worst: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Wakeboarder to fly with
Best: Shane Bonifay, for some reason we always manage to travel together and find a way to have a good time while doing so
Worst: Chad Sharpe, either he’s got a chew in and has his spit cup right next to you that could fall on you at any moment or if he’s a had a drink or four theres a good chance he could piss off a flight attendant and kicked off the flight

Pickup line you’ve actually used
Best: I’m going outside to make out, care to join me?
Worst: My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in

Pickup line used on you
Best: Do you believe in love at first site or should I walk by again?
Worst: Your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic ocean and baby I’m lost at sea

Memory from all the LF trips to Lake Powell
Best: Everytime I’ve been there I’m in awe of the surroundings, feels like you’re on another planet with the crazy big walls and narrow passageways to ride through
Worst: Having to wake up at 5 in the AM to ride and shoot after the shenanigans that went down just hours earlier

Thing about SuperCross races
Best: Monster is the title sponsor of SuperCross, so riding for them gives us a lot of perks, like getting the best seats in the house, free food and drinks, but best yet we get to kick it with the Monster girls and they’re always nice to look at
Worst: When you come to the realization that most of the Monster girls have boyfriends

Thing about having two large pit bulls for pets
Best: Don’t need an alarm system for the house, they scare people off all the time
Worst: For some reason they decide to fight each other over toys, not fun trying to break that fight up

Way to blow $1,000
Best: Going to the Apple store
Worst: Going to Vegas for a weekend

Trick regularly used in contest passes
Best: Star-gazed raley
Worst: whirlybird

Best: Coolwater cologne
Worst: Poo