All Text and Photos By Danny Evans

Before I get into the happenings of Day two, lets go back a week.  My co-pilot Jimmy Watson is a pretty smart dude.  For example, he called his bank last week to let them know he will be traveling and his debit card will be used in many different states and to make sure it won’t be shut off.  Flash forward to 3am on day two of our road to BROstock.  We try and check into a hotel and Jim’s card is declined as a result of the bank shutting it off for fraud protection.  We got back on the bus and continued driving.  Thanks bros at Chase Bank for being a bunch of idiots.

Just because we couldn’t sleep, we weren’t about to take a turn toward negative town.  We were actually making pretty good time.  I passed out for a couple hours while Jimmy drove.  He woke me up when we seriously hit a wall of fog.  It was like we went from the middle of the desert to a mystical land of moisture.  It was way to intense for me to take in so I just went back to bed and let Jim deal with it.

After making our way across New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma, we had to make a quick stop in Still Water where Kicker was going to hook us up with a sweet sound system for the weekend’s festivities.  Still Water is in the absolutely nowhere but Kicker’s new headquarters are amazing.  We wanted to put a few more miles under us before we called it a day so we got back on the road.  Jimmy was hungry so we stopped at the Kum and Go gas station to fill up and get a snack.  After Jim filled his face with some of Kum and Go’s finest, we were back on the road.

We arrived at the Arkansas border ahead of schedule so decided to call it an early night.  With Bull Shoals under a couple hundred miles away, our BRO excitement was starting to reach optimum level.  If you are a hot chick and see the LF bro van at a hotel near you, ask the girl at the front desk what room Dan and Jim are in.  We told her you would be coming…

Your Favorite BROS,

Dan and Jim

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