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Hello Arkansas!! We woke up this morning to a little rain but we didn’t let that bring our spirits down. We were finally in Arkansas and only a few hours away from Bull Shoals. The last bit of the trip actually took longer than expected because you have to drive through a number of small towns with stoplights and stop signs. For the last 50 miles coming into Bull Shoals, the road is filled with turns. I felt like Ken Block driving a rally car, except I was in a box van towing a boat, so it wasn’t quite as fun. By now, the rain started to come down pretty hard. After 26 hours of driving, we were just minutes away from arriving at the location of BROstock 2010!!!

Welcome to Bull Shoals, AR! We turned down into a massive marina filled with houseboats. LF team manager Aaron Grace was already in town and drove us to where we staying so we could unload our bags. After a quick shower and a bite to eat, we put the boat in the water and went to check out the lake. The actual lake is massive and the water was pretty calm. I also saw a couple hot girls, but I think they were 16-17 years old and that was trouble I wasn’t looking to get into on the first night. The family that owns the Bull Shoals marina is the coolest group of people ever. The police chief is pretty rad too. We made it clear to us that we can pretty much do whatever we want in this town for the next four days. Soon after we got into town, a bunch of the team riders showed up and the party was on!! It’s been fun blogging about the road to BROstock. If I get a chance, I will give you an update of how the weekend is going.

Oh ya, if you are a hot chick and want to come to BROstock, Jim and I have our own room at the Lighthouse resort so you are more than welcome to stay with us. If you are an ugly girl, Phil Soven is staying at Bell Arco resort and he said you are more than welcome to stay with him.

Words and photos by Danny Evans