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Rider: Sean Cummings

Boat Specs:
Centurion Ri237
Length: 23’7”
Beam: 102”
Dry weight: 5,450 lbs
Ballast weight: 5,100 lbs
Passenger capacity: 16
Engine: PCM Supercharged XR7

Photo Jul 09, 10 52 14 AM

The    Centurion Ri237   is my boat of choice because of its    mackin’ wake    and      sexy style    . Plus the      bass      is      pumping     . The wake is so        ridonkulous      that I can        shred  every time I ride. Seriously, it’s bigger than a     mountain       on an  ant  . This boat’s spirit animal is a    rhino because it has   tough looks     and is totally   shreddable   .

I can fit all of my    Big League Chew      ,    ugly Christmas sweaters      , and    Nutter Butters  without anybody having to      spoon       each other.

Of course, you can’t talk about a boat as      undeniable      as this without mentioning the   reindeer and the      elves  . There are    booming     speakers in this boat, which means it’s louder than     Santa’s sleigh jet packs      at a     Christmas Eve round-world voyage     .      Schnaggles     is my favorite style of     trap      to blast through the system while I’m working on my      tractor     .

If you’re into boat surfing this thing will put out a wave that will       throat chop     you with   Q-tip  while you     play Angels     . Seriously it comes up to my     tip-top     and makes me feel     ecstatic     . It’s all possible thanks to the    elf in the Quicksurf System      that does a lot of     huffing     and   puffing    .

I mean, just look at this thing. It’s got more    personality     than a     Stanford grad     , and is prettier than   a unicorn    .

The only thing I like better than this boat is      ice cream     and that’s because I’m a  milk monkey .