After the success of last year's Brostock party/double up competition (a.k.a. the most bro-tastic and legit contest of the year), Liquid Force decided to do it again. Who can blame them? We had our houseboat reserved the day after last year's event ended.

The event/party took place this past weekend on the not-so-calm waters of Warm Creek Bay in the unbelievably beautiful confines of Lake Powell. Houseboats gathered and lined one shore, while other boats of all shapes and sizes tied together and anchored up in the bay to catch the action (and to party).

Top riders from all over the world came to compete for the $25,000 in prizes (and to party). But not all of the invited riders were able to make it, so some holes had to be filled in the Brostock Bracket. At the last minute LF ladies Melissa Marquardt and Amber Wing were put into the mix, as well as wakeskaters Aaron Reed and James Balzer, plus wakeboarder Jimmy Wolf, who just happened to be on hand for the weekend of fun.

The water wasn't ideal for a double up contest, but that's a given when you're riding in an open bay on Lake Powell so all the spectators can see. Regardless, the riders all managed to throw down, including the two wakeskaters. Aaron Reed almost knocked off Phil Soven with a grabbed heel 7 off the double up and James Balzer somehow managed to keep advancing himself. The man who was supposed to be MC'ing the whole event with Silas Thurman never once got behind the mic because he kept ending up on the start dock as the contest went on.

In the end the top prize went to Danny Harf with his mean wrapped melan backside 7. Bob Soven managed to knock off both Rusty Malinoski and his older brother Phil with a nose grab toe 9 that he booted all day long, earning him second place. And in third was the one and only James Balzer, who landed a clean-as-possible backside 5 in the finals to secure his spot.

The weekend was full of everything we've all come to expect from a Brostock event: lots of fun, lots of insane riding, lots of partying, lots of great vibes, lots of laughs, and lots of incredible scenery. We're still hurting from all the fun, but we're already stoked for next year…