“Thanks for Wakeboarding!”

Empire Wake has embraced the phrase “Thanks for Wakeboarding!” as their slogan. But what does it mean?

“Thanks for Wakeboarding!” first and foremost means exactly what it says. THANKS for all those out there who wakeboard, support wakeboarding, and commit their time and dedication to the sport. To all those companies that make boats, boards, and product so each athlete can ride with the best equipment offered.

It also means what we have preached over and over, that wakeboarding is a small unique community which no other sport is like. We all have responsibilities together to make the sport progress and succeed. There is a circle of life from the pro riders who attempt bigger and better tricks, to the beginners who will be the future of the sport. From the boat manufacturing teams who make a bigger wake and smoother ride, to the parents who buy these boats for the kids. From the board designers who innovate, to the magazines who print this all so we can read and have something to talk about.

Second is a sincere “Thanks for Wakeboarding!” from all of those working with Empire Wake Events. You all have supported us and given us a job and a hobby and something to do other than just facebook. We work hard to build this community to something even better for riders of all levels and ages.

Lastly, is a much more personal meaning coming straight from myself, the founder owner and president of Empire Wake. I learned to wakeboard in 1997 on an Obrien Woody, did my senior exit project on wakeboarding thanks to Iconn Sports, and went through 3 majors in college. In 2003 I started the UNCW Wakeboard club and in 2008 created Empire Wake. I want to say thanks the loudest for giving me a career, a goal, and the best life anyone could ask for.

This is why Empire Wake says “Thanks for Wakeboarding!” Because there is no better community of companies, riders, and supporters in any other sport.  Keep making the community of wakeboarding a better place for everyone. We promise to do our part.