1.) How long have you been skimboarding and wakesurfing for?
I started skimboarding in high school and did it for about 10 years. Then started wakesurfing in 2003 and have been hooked ever since. I rarely skim at the beach anymore do to the never ending perfect wave behind my Centurion Boat.

2.) How many titles have you collected in your run as a wakesurfing skim athlete?
With the win this year I now have 7 World Wakesurf Championships.

3.) What went into your year as far as prepping & training? Do you have any special rituals? 
There was a lot involved this year, especially after a rough season like last year. So I started on a mission to get back in shape to ride my best. Since January I have been doing 2-3 nights in a gym with my old Wrestling Coach/ Surfing friend. We were doing a lot of core and balance exercises. I also rode quite a bit more this year. I do not have any serious rituals as I stretch and listen to music. Usually a mix of Country and Old School Rap, “random mix right”!  Then I say a quick “Thank You to God”, and for giving me the ability to do what I do, and then it is ride time!

4.) What was the new trick you brought to Worlds?
I showed up with a few big tricks. The Backside bigger spin (540 shuvit with a full 360 body rotation) I have been doing that one for a little bit now. Plus, I recently learned regular 540 shuvits. Unfortunately I missed the trick in the contest. One of them I was a little to far over on my back foot, and the next one I over compensated and was to far forward. Yet, there is always next year.

5.) Do you cross train with any other boardsports or athletes? Do you prefer to ride by yourself?
I still ride my skateboard in the winter. Anytime I can be at the beach surfing I am. I trained with a good friend, surfed with my friend Pat Ryan, and a fella who I watched grow up surfing which now is shredding for Rip Curl, Tayler Brothers. Behind the boat it is usually just friends and the Phase 5 crew.

6.) We hear the term veteran being thrown around these days. Does that effect you or does it inspire you as an athlete?
After worlds last year I over heard that word a lot. I even over heard someone say I was getting old and might not have it in me any more. Well, you might as well of told me I could not do it! I was out to prove them people wrong. 🙂  I plan on continuing to prove the doubters wrong for years to come!

7.) You have a son, a wife, and a business. How do you fit time in to be a professional athlete?
This is my biggest challenge with competing.. My son Ty and my wife Nicole come first!  They are so awesome and my wife is very supportive of what I do, not to mention I have my shop that I am at 5 days a week. So, this past summer where everyone was talking about the 200-300 hours they put  in on there boat riding, I had about 50 and probably 15 of those were pulling someone else, HA HA HA!  But, I do plan this coming year to be out on the water keeping myself sharp.

8.) How long do you plan to go after the World Wakesurfing title? 
Well as long as my body allows. I see at least another 5 years of going for #1, maybe more!

9.) What did you like about Worlds this year? Did you feel there is room for improvement?
I really was impressed this year with Worlds. Todd Gaughan and the crew at Centurion did a lot of work and it showed. Contest ran smooth, on time, and the venue was awesome. The judging is good  and I really like the full subjective scoring. I feel when you’re given a certain point value on all the tricks, people just try and squeeze in as many tricks as they can and it looks HORRIBLE. I do not want to watch a professional do a bunch of tricks sloppy and 2″ off the water. I feel the scoring now is pushing the riders to stay smooth and throw a good variety of maneuvers, but athletes must have big tricks up their sleeve, that is what  makes us push harder and go bigger! I want to see Professionals ride like Professionals. So my overall thought was that it was a great event, and something I look forward to next year. Maybe one year we can host it on the East Coast!

10.) Congratulations on this title! What will happen for you now that this year is over going into 2014? Working on any Movies? 
Well I will keep riding and training in the gym and boat show season is coming. If someone is working on doing a legit Wakesurf Movie I would love to be apart of it. Other than that, just relax and enjoy the holidays with my family.