Main Info
The Chase will take part at 13 different full size Cable Parks across the United States from June 25th to August 3rd. The 2012 Championship location and date is still to be determined but will most likely be in early October.There will be six divisions broken up by discipline and ability: Wakeboard (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pro) & Wakeskate (Amateur and Pro) 2010 & 2011 Results are still posted at, follow the points link to the right of the header.

Participating Parks (13)
TSR, McCormicks, OWC, WakeNation Cincinnati, WakeNation Houston, Ski Rixen, WakeZone, Cowtown, Revolution, KCW, Hexagon, Hydrous & BSR Cable Park

Points Chase: 8 different cable parks and over 400 different riders took part nation wide.
Points Championship: Held at Texas Ski Ranch with Over 120 Riders

Points Chase: 10 different parks and over 510 different riders took part nation wide.
Points Championship: Held at McCormicks with Over 200 Riders, Also added a Structure only comp to include two tower parks across the country.

Points Chase: 13 different parks and projecting over 650 riders nation wide.
Points Championship: Location still to be determined. The goal is to have well over 250 riders and become not only the largest cable wakeboard tournament, but be the largest wake tournament ever held in the U.S. (If each of the 13 teams field a full roster there would be 390 riders not including the structure only portion of the competition)

Be part of the United States most successful series for cable wakeboard and wakeskate tournaments ever. This series has cultivated riders like Tom Fooshee, who worked his way up the divisions on his way to becoming arguably the world’s best cable wakeboarder. The goal of the points series was to help each park improve the level of riding and continue to progress the sport.  Each park will host their own five-week series and qualify riders for the National Points Championship. The cable parks embraced the idea and the series was born. 2010 Local events saw as many as 61 riders attend a single weeknight event. In 2011 that number grew to 93 riders at a local Thursday night showdown at TSR.  Riders and local media were more involved than ever because of the nationwide points chase involving parks across the country made each local event part of something bigger.

Overall champions will be crowned at each of the thirteen parks determined by the rider’s best 4 out of 5 weeks. To encourage traveling, riders were allowed to compete at any of the participating parks and their scores would count towards their final point total. To qualify for the National Points Championship riders must have finished in the top five overall at their home park. The top three riders will count towards the team scoring while fourth and fifth place will be alternates but also compete individually. In 2010 Texas Ski Ranch took home the team championship fairly easily. In 2011 McCormicks and OWC narrowed the gap pushing it to the final rider of the event before the champion could be determined in Tampa. Tom Fooshee won the pro men giving TSR their second title by just 20 points (TSR 2040, McCormisck 2020.) OWC also placed in the top three in the previous two seasons.

Basic Info
6 Divisions: Wakeboard (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pro) & Wakeskate (Amateur and Pro) Beginning the week of 6/25 and ending 8/3
– $15/entry fee or $60 for all five up front. Some parks may host a preseason event that will not count towards the overall scores. Other parks may take a break the week of the 4th of July. That is why the parks have a six week span to complete their series. Qualify for the Overall Points Championship in October by placing in the top five in your division overall, represent your park if you finish in the top three overall.

Score Breakdown
Wakeskate, Advanced & Pro Wakeboard: Kickers 25%, Sliders 25%, Air Tricks 40%, Composition 10%

Intermediate Wakeboard & Amateur Wakeskate: Kickers 35%, Sliders 35%, Riding, Ollie & Air Tricks 20%, Composition 10%

Beginner Wakeboard: Kickers 30%, Sliders 50%, Riding & Ollie Tricks 10%, Composition 10%

Trick Limitations by Division
Pro Wakeboard &  Pro Wakeskate: No Limitations

Advanced Wakeboard:
Spins: up to front side 540s or backside 360s. Riders will be able to throw one 720 or HS backside five in their normal run. Air Tricks/Kickers: up to Blind Landing Tricks (Sbends & whirleys are allowed but no other full twisting inverts)
Rails: Judges Discrestion
WildCard Trick Only: No Restrictions

Intermediate Wakeboard:
Spins: up to front side 540s or backside 360s
Air Tricks/Kickers: Basic Inverts & Raileys, no blind or full twisting tricks
Rails: Judges Discrestion

WildCard Trick Only: Advanced run restrictions (Front Side 720’s or BS5’s will be allowed in 2012)

Beginner Wakeboard:
Spins: up to front side 360’s or HS backside 180s
Air Tricks/Kickers: No Air tricks, Ollie 180 and ollie 360’s ok
Rails: Judges Discrestion

No WildCard

Amateur Wakeskate:
Kickers: Frontside 180’s, HS & TS Airs (NO: BS spins or FS 360 or more, no shuv or flip tricks off).
Flats Tricks: Shuv FS & BS, 180 body varials, 180’s fs & bs (NO: 360 shuv, Big Spins & Flip Tricks)
Rails: Riding them, spins up to 360 on them, 1 shuv either off or on top of, not onto the box or rail. (NO: Everything else)
No WildCard

Each rider will get two turns.  All divisions except beginner & amateur wakeskate will get a wildcard. The rider’s run will begin when he or she leaves the dock and will continue until he or she falls or the carrier reaches tower one a second time. This means the rider gets a full lap and an extra pass on the first stretch. (This may vary from site to site due to size of the cable) The rider must let go before tower one. We will go through the running order and then return to the first rider and go through the complete order a second time. If you do not fall on your second run you should hold on and do your wildcard trick (Not beginner or amateur wakeskate), which is one trick anywhere in the course. Only do the single trick or the judges may score the wrong trick. If you fall on your second run return to the dock immediately and you will then get a third turn to perform your wildcard trick.

The same trick will not be scored twice in the same run but can be repeated in the second run since the judges will be taking the best turn not a combination of the two. The wildcard trick will be added to the rider’s best turn.

Format may change slightly between parks, check with your local park for exact details! For more information contact your local cable park or go to to follow the chase to the Points title.

For more information on participating or sponsoring the National Points Chase please contact Blake Hess via email