Top Ranking Pro Men and Women Invited for the WWA’s 25th Celebration and Huge Prize Purse

From Cancun, Mexico (August 12, 2014) – The most elite contest of the 2014 wakeboard season is being announced to take place at Puerto Cancun, Mexico October 3-5, 2014. This first-time event, pulled by the 2015 Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV, will bring the highest caliber wake riders to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Wakeboard Association at one of the top rated vacation areas in the world. Riders will battle it out for a piece of the $40,000 (USD) and the $15,000 overall prize pool as the final stop of the 2014 WWA Wakeboard World Series.Brian Grubb is a veteran Malibu pro team rider and top judge on the circuit and is excited to be the driver of the Wakesetter 23 LSV for this premiere event, “We are using the same boat that I have on my dock at home and this boat delivers!” Grubb said. “I can’t wait to see what goes down from the best riders in the world, because the wake will be dialed.”Celebration of history and vision of the future are at the forefront of the WWA Cancun Pro as we come to the end of the 25th year of the World Wakeboard Association. Founded in 1989, the WWA has been the revolutionizing organization in the sport and the WWA Cancun Pro is the next step for the future of the sport. This event is the pinnacle of the extensive history of the WWA and will set a new standard in wakeboarding contests.

Giving back to wakeboarders and influential industry members is what will make this event so incredible. These passionate wakeboarders and influencers will have an all-access pass to the event with luxury accommodations, lively social hours and a first class awards banquet. Focusing on wakeboarding first, perfect water conditions and huge wakes from Malibu’s 23 LSV will highlight the action on the water.

The Cancun Pro will be the “can’t miss” event of the last quarter century. Visit for all the info you need to join us as we honor the sport and people in wakeboarding that created, organized and evolved it into the thriving action sport that it is today.