Mark your calendars and call for more details for the Southern California stop by Axis Wake Research! Come by the Carlsbad Lagoon on Tuesday, August 16 between the hours of 10-6 to test-drive the new 2012 Axis A22! Randall “the Vandal” Harris, Dean Smith, and Trever Maur will be on hand to ride with, talk to, and do their thang on the water! Factory reps and the Brand Manager of Axis will be present to answer any and all questions on the A20 and A22. If you have any inkling of a new boat in your future, and have been itching to get in, around, or behind the Axis line; you better not miss it.

Don’t forget, Tuesday August 16 at the Carlsbad Lagoon is your best opportunity to experience the fastest growing towboat on the market!