Centurion Boats is proud to announce that professional wake surfer Vanessa Gonzalez has joined the Centurion Pro Wake Surf Team. Gonzalez who is only in her second year competing nationally began with a red-hot start hitting the podium in her first contest taking 2nd place in May of 2011. Her first victory ignited her passion for competition as Gonzalez continued to compete across the United States ever since. Gonzalez quickly exited her amateur status and begin throwing technical runs filled with a unique skim-style array of surface rotations; ultimately becoming a favorite in the Competitive Wake Surf Association’s newly recognized Outlaw division. Riding Outlaw and trying to shed her Jr. Pro title, Gonzalez competed in her first Pro event in September of 2012, taking 3rd place in the My Wake Global Challenge which featured over 300 competitors fighting for their right to be invited to the finals. Gonzalez submitted her entry, won her division, received the invite, and took the to the podium wearing her Centurion shirt, only moments after being offered her first Pro Contract! Gonzalez said, “You know you’re on the right path in life when your goals and dreams just start falling into place. Being welcomed to Team Centurion is one of them!”.

Gonzalez can be found riding the Delta regularly in Northern California behind her lime green & silver metal flake Centurion Avalanache. When Gonzalez is not wake surfing, although rare, she also enjoys reading, friends & family and yoga.

Centurion’s Wake Surf Team Manager Todd Gaughan, said “It is an exciting time in wake surfing and what fuels the competitive scene is the up-and-comers. No doubt V-Rod brings her own style and recent accomplishments, but surrounding herself with the best team in wake surfing creates an exciting opportunity for growth. We have great plans for her and we’re behind her 100%. We’re absolutely stoked to bring another female pro on the team filled with this much potential.”

Centurion’s team consists of the most decorated wake surfers in the World with a combined 11 World Wake Surfing Championship titles. The team includes Bri Chmel, Keenan Flegel, Caroline Villeneuve, Jimmi Sparling and Drew Danielo just to name a few.