Collegiate Wake Series 2013 Poster TOUR

College Wake Series 2013-14

College Wakeboard Season is back! There are about 5000 student/athletes excited about that. One team in particular would be the defending champs and preseason number 1, the Arizona State Wakedevils.

If ever a team has reloaded this would be the Wakedevils. They return with their entire national championship team, most of who over the summer got better, and also added the top freshman class.  So there you have it, the bar is set early, and the other 71 teams will need to step it up if they plan to dethrone the Wakedevils.

The tour begins in Minneapolis MN, one of 2 new regions added to The Series, on September 28th. Teams from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Michigan will be gearing up to start the season of strong behind our MarineMax Minneapolis, Nautique G23.

“We are excited to head so far North this year. The watersports industry is surprisingly strong.” Said regional rep Aaron Tunnell. “We have added about 5 new teams to the tour from up there.”

The next weekend takes us back South to the granddaddy of all the stops and another event with MarineMax GA and Nautique; Sunset Cove Lake Lanier, GA. This event looks to host teams from South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Last season the University of Florida showed us why they were the best in the country with riders Marcus Knox and Freddie Wayne leading the team.

Stop 3 takes us to the other new region and Charlotte NC to host the Mid Atlantic. This region has exploded with teams in both boat and cable.  Expect to see Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Spoiler alert, UNC Wilmington might take the day.

Next we head to Texas and the Dallas/Lake Lewisville area. Texas is back to being a huge state of college wakeboard teams. Texas Tech, Texas, and S.F.A are both back with programs, and we have added TCU, UT Arlington, and UT Dallas. Also, look for Baylor to make a big push this year in the region.  They are focused and spending a lot of time at BSR.

“Go West Young Man,” and meet us for Halloween weekend in Sacramento CA October 26th for stop number 5. The Watersports Farm will be the spot to host the event with a 2014 Nautique G23.  After the event will be our a costume contest, dance party, and Red bull DJ on site for a wild night with the teams from the West.

The final stop takes the tour back to Florida’s Gulf Coast and to one of the best locations to date. Nathan Benderson Park (hyperlink: is home to World Class Rowing and a perfect private lake built for the largest events in the world. Located in Sarasota Florida, this spot is made to wrap up the year. November 9th will bring great weather, white sand beaches, and another chance to ride behind the boat of the year, the Nautique G23, thanks to MarineMax Clearwater.

Teams who are interested in riding with the College Wake Series can check out and register with us anytime before an event.

College Wakeboarding is made possible thanks to:

Nautique,  MarineMax,,  Rockwell Wathes,  Jet Pilot,  Humanoid Wakeboards,   Kicker Audio,   Smith Optics,  Alpinestars, Slingshot Wake,   Elevated Clothing,   Shred Ready Helmets,  and Candy Grind Clothing. 

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