Dockside Marine Collegiate Cable Jam 2011@ BCR

Location, date and time – Dockside Marine Collegiate Cable Jam 2011 will be held at Bethy Creek Resort in Riverside, Texas on March 26th 2011 from 8am to – 8pm.

Hosted by – University of Texas San Antonio Wakeboard Club, Sam Houston State University Wakeboard Club and Bethy Creek Resort

Current Sponsors
Bethy Creek Resorts
Dockside Marine
Riptank Boardshop
Red Bull
Endless Ride Cable Systems
Camp Wake

Novice – all obstacles are open, no inverts and no air tricks. Spins up to 360 allowed

Advance – all obstacles are open, inverts and spins up to 5 off obstacles. Air tricks allowed but no blind landings or mobes.

Open – anything goes

Women – anything goes

Wakeskate – anything goes.

Big air competition- will be a jam style format, every rider will get to the dock and go one after the other going as big as they can off the kicker. Every rider will get 2 hits on the ramp.

Wakeskate Skeetball – jam style format as well. 3 rings will be set up after the kicker representing different amount of points. Each rider will get 3 attempts to launch themselves into one of the rings and the rider with the highest score will win.

Double up competition – the double up competition will be for wakeboarders only. Each rider will receive 2 double up attempts to throw their best trick. Winner take all.

Contest Format – The cable portion of the contest will be ran on the ERC 2.0 system and BRC rail park and the double up portion will be right there on the lake next to the cable park.