Ethell and Dowdy Earn Wins at the Malibu Houston Pro Presented by Rockstar Energy
Lake Alfred, Fla. (October 5, 2015) – Fans began lining the shoreline early to capture the highly anticipated action of the Malibu Houston Pro at Bel Ray Action Sports Park. First on the water were the Traditional Pro Men semi-finals at the Hanger 9 Cable Park, where two riders would compete head to head and only the top rider would move on to the finals.  In the traditional pro men division Tom Fooshee, Chandler Powell, Bryce Bingham, and Brady Patry all came out of the semi’s victorious leading into the finals. When it came down to the finals, it was once again Powell putting in two flawless runs to just edge out the King, Tom Fooshee to finish on top in the both traditional and features pro men.

“I’m stoked to have not just won the traditional but the features as well,” said Powell. “I was having a blast out there riding and I believe that really showed in my riding.”

The pro women didn’t disappoint, as Meagan Ethell, Jamie Lopina and Taylor McCullough battled it out all day on the water. It wasn’t easy for the judges with the top three all having spectacular runs, although, it was Ethell taking both the traditional and features pro women division titles.

“The last two days have been crazy busy but I rode the best I’ve ever ridden today winning both cable divisions and boat,” said Ethell. “I trained so hard all year to accomplish this and to have had such a perfect run today made it so much fun.”

Finally it was time for the grand finale, the moment we’ve all been anticipating, the pro men and women Wakeboard World Series finals. On the water first behind the industry leading Malibu 25 LSV were the pro women. One of the closest battles of the season between the most decorated women’s riders Dallas Friday and the two young up comers Meagan Ethell and Raimi Merritt came to a close. The judges were challenged as Ethell and Friday both put in phenomenal runs, but in the end it was Ethell taking three Pro Women’s Malibu Houston Pro wins with two on the cable, one behind the boat and the first ever pro women’s World Wakeboard World Series champion. Friday finished second and Malibu rider Tarah Mikacich in third.
“Riding behind the 25 LSV felt like home to me and to have a perfect run behind it has never felt better,” said Mikacich. “I came here to do my best and I left it all out there on the water and to be on the podium is awesome!”
Up next were the pro men and after coming off a strong semi-final win, Mike Dowdy was the favorite to win with points leader Harley Clifford not qualifying out of the semi-finals due to an injury suffered earlier in the week. With the youngest six man final all season, the battle began early between all the young guns for the top spot, but after landing a huge indy double back roll, it was Mike Dowdy taking his first pro men finals win since turning pro in 2013. Fans were ecstatic on the shore line, cheering on the riders as they performed their breath taking tricks.

“My day began pretty relaxed and I tried to maintain that frame of mind and ride the way I ride at home,” said Dowdy. “I had a strong heat leading into the finals which really gave me confidence and knew I had what it took to get my first win if I stayed relaxed. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to top the season off.”

The Malibu Houston Pro turned out to be the most action packed event of the season with perfect weather and water conditions. “It’s wonderful to be able to wrap up a successful inaugural season of the Malibu Evolution Series here with such great riding behind the impressive Wakesetter 25 LSV at the Houston Pro,” said Jack Springer, president of Malibu Boats.” “Everyone from the cable riders, wakeboarders and wakesurfers really went all out to cap their season off with a bang.”

Another congratulations to all of our winners and runners up with Noah Flegel and Jodi Grassman kicking off the weekend in style with their incredible wakesurfing skills. Meagan Ethell sweeping all three pro women’s cable and boat divisions, Mike Dowdy for grabbing his first win since turning pro in 2013 and Parker Siegele for qualifying for his very first pro final. We’d also like to thank all of our supportive sponsors, Malibu Boats, Rockstar Energy, Billabong, Ronix Wakeboards and CWB Wakeboards who have allowed events like these to happen.

Malibu Houston Pro Presented by Rockstar Energy
Bel Ray Action Sports Park – Houston, Texas

Friday, October 4, 2015

Traditional Pro Men – Semi Finals

Traditional Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 01
1.Fooshee, Tom                       100.00

  1. Dorrestijn, Jack                90.00

Traditional Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 02
1.Powell, Chandler                           98.00

  1. Caldas, Pedro                                 92.00

Traditional Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 03
1.Bingham, Bryce                             100.00

  1. Voges, Kaden                                 90.00

Traditional Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 04
1.Patry, Brady                                   98.00

  1. Heubner, Kelbey                      92.00

Features Pro Women – Semi Finals

Features Pro Women – Semi Finals Heat # 01
1.Ethell, Meagan                USA       95.50
2.McCullough, Taylor        USA       94.50

  1. Hanig, Ash                                      67.20

Features Pro Women – Semi Finals Heat # 02
1.Hatten, Deanna                               90.60
2.Lopina, Jamie                                 90.30

  1. Nikstad, Anna                                89.10

Features Pro Men – Semi Finals

Features Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 01
1.Dreiling, John                                     91.70

  1. Elwood, Thomas                           90.30
  2. Worrall, Chad                                88.00

Features Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 02
1.Powell, Chandler                                 95.50

  1. Derome, Oli                                    87.70
  2. Smith, Ian                                       86.80

Features Pro Men – Semi Finals Heat # 03
1.Fooshee, Tom                                      95.20

  1. Neville, Jamie                                 88.00
  2. Burress, Graeme                            86.80

Traditional Pro Women Finals
1.Ethell, Meagan                                94.50
2.Lopina, Jamie                                 91.50
3.Nikstad, Anna                                 78.00

  1. McCullough, Taylor                      76.00

Traditional Pro Men Finals
1.Powell, Chandler                                 95.50

  1. Fooshee, Tom                                94.50

Features Pro Women Finals
1.Ethell, Meagan                                      87.40
2.McCullough, Taylor                              85.70
3.Lopina, Jamie                                       83.50

  1. Hatten, Deanna                              83.40

Features Pro Men Finals
1.Powell, Chandler                                  94.40

  1. Fooshee, Tom                                93.60
  2. Dreiling, John                                 82.00

Pro Men Semi Final

Pro Men Semi Finals – Heat # 01
1.Lafferty, Steel                                      80.00

  1. Twelker, Josh                                72.67
  2. Hair, Austin                                    67.00

Pro Men Semi Finals – Heat # 02
1.Teunissen, Cory                                  91.33

  1. Flegel, Noah                                  85.67
  2. Peirce, Stephen                             66.33

Pro Men Semi Finals – Heat # 03
1.Dowdy, Mike                                          89.33

  1. Smith, Dean                                    88.67
  2. Derome, Oli                                     42.67

Pro Men Semi Finals – Heat # 04

  1. Siegele, Parker                              83.00
  2. Carroll, Tony                                   80.33
  3. Webb, JD                                        76.67

Pro Men Semi Finals – Heat # 05
1.Pifferitti, Massi                                      91.00

  1. Malinoski, Rusty                              85.00
  2. Soven, Phil                                      77.33

Pro Men Semi Finals – Heat # 06
1.Daniel, Powers                                      79.67

  1. Iacconi, Tony                                  91.67
  2. Clifford, Harley                                68.67

Pro Women Finals
1.Ethell, Meagan*                                     93.00
2.Friday, Dallas                                        87.33
3.Mikovich, Tarah                                    80.67

  1. Merritt, Raimi                                  76.33
  2. Leugner, Ashley                              68.00
  3. Morales, Larissa                             50.33
    *Wakeboard World Series Champ.

Pro Men Finals
1.Dowdy, Mike                                            91.33
2.Teunissen, Cory                                      88.33
3.Laferty, Steel                                            86.33

  1. Iacconi, Tony                                     84.33
  2. Siegele, Parker                                  80.67
  3. Pifferetti, Massi                                 65.33

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