M2 Sports Brings Extreme Water Sport’s Top Athletes To Houston

M2 Sports is proud to present Houston’s first annual Wakeboard Shoot-Out at the South West International ‘In-Water’ Boat Show, September 23 – 26.

The adrenaline driven event will feature the most recognized athletes in extreme water sports, such as Shane Bonifay, Clay Fletcher, Olivier Derome, Adam Errington and more, as they battle it out for huge bragging rights on the new two-tower cable system.

The new 2.0 cable system, developed by The Wake Park Project Team and Sesitec, will be debuted to the public as it pulls each professional athlete across the water 700ft allowing them to perform insane tricks and spins off of floating ramps and rails.

The cable is a revolutionary apparatus in the world of water sports and with the system being set-up right next to the marina, this is a fantastic opportunity to see these athletes perform up-close like never before.  Operating on electricity alone, the cable systems are sweeping through the US as a much more user friendly and “green” way for all ages and abilities to enjoy wakeboarding.

The South West International Boat Show, the backdrop for the Shoot-Out, will run at Houston’s number one marina, South Shore Harbour.  With approximately 10 pros competing both September 24th and 25th from 5-7 p.m., the Wakeboard Shoot-Out is expected to surpass any kind of water sports event the city of Houston has ever seen. 20,000 people attended last year’s show and now with the Shoot-Out, more exhibit and slip space, 400 boats in the water and onshore – many ready to demo, a seafood cook-off and live music from the Islands, this is the show you should make plans to attend.