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The first stop of FISE Xperience Series 2016 will take place at Touquet-Paris-Plage. This is an exclusive location where a new Wake Park is beeing built to welcome a professional and amateur competition. The obstacles are made by FISE Area and will remain throughout the season for everyone to enjoy it. There will be a lot of activities going on during the April 9-10 weekend, like remote controlled land sailing devices, pirogue, Stand Up Paddle, Wakeboard and kitesurf…

A unique SET-UP
Two Olympic pools (50m x 20m), a massive central platform that will allowed transfers beeween the pools. A roofbar, a flatbar, and one kicker each side.

For the first time in France, riders will be tow by a WakeStation which is one of the latest technology on the market; A true reference in terms of tension and traction. WakeStation will also be a partner of all the FISE World Series wakeboard events.

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