Freewaters footwear is proud to welcome Scott Byerly, the founding father of wakeboarding, as it’s newest brand ambassador.

Byerly has long been at the forefront of both wakeboarding and wakestaking, and was recently voted the #1 Most Influential Rider of All Time by Transworld Wakeboarding. Since claiming his first Wakeskate Championship in 1994, Byerly has continually pushed the progression of every aspect of the sport: technique, style, equipment and event formats. In 2006, he launched Byerly Boards which uses cutting-edge construction methods to push the envelope of wakeboard and wakeskate design.

“Scott’s influence and career speak for themselves,” said Freewaters Co-founder Eli Marmar. “What I find most inspiring about Byerly is the way he approaches every day as an opportunity to innovate and how he mentors other riders. Byerly is the real deal.”

Byerly adds, “I’m stoked to be a part of the Freewaters team. I love the vibe of the brand and what it stands for.”

Freewaters Footwear is committed to clean drinking water initiatives. Byerly joins a team of ambassadors who understand the healing power of water and its essential role in building healthy communities.

About Freewaters
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