(Loudon, TN) – Axis Wake Research just released their new line of swag. These threads are designed to represent an allegiance to the simple, but high performance, big air lifestyle without the requirement of deep pockets. Clean stylish designs meet materials built for the for wake sports at reasonable prices in the Axis Wake line of clothing. Axis Wake Swag designs also offer the recognition that comes with such a unique company and line of boats. Just like the boats, Axis Swag centers on you. Check out the new line of Axis branded merchandise today at swag.axiswake.com.

Axis Wake Swag designs are simple, but distinct with an extremely attractive look. The company’s signature sideways “A” and cross hairs says a lot within a concise framework and it is incorporated into every design. Even if you don’t own a boat yet, you’ll want to pick up some of this high quality apparel.

Instead of sporting the same brands that line the shelves at the local mall, you can turn heads by wearing a company that promotes style, simplicity, performance and price.

Adam McCall, Managing Director for Axis Wake Research, had this to say about the new swag. “Building excellent boats is our core competency. We have developed this new program in a way that allows us to focus on our core competency while still creating excitement for the Axis Wake Brand through high quality, stylish apparel. We have developed a clothing line that will give customers something to be proud to wear. In conjunction, we’ve created the Axis Ink site to bring the ideas for styling straight out of the minds of the wake market.“

This new Project Adam is referring to, Axis Ink, is a concept which is a direct carry over from the way Axis Wake Research boats are designed – for the rider, by the rider. Axis Ink will be an online location, which allows customers and wake enthusiasts to post videos, pictures, and submit artwork for use in the Axis Wake apparel line and even participate in the boat graphic designs for new Model Years. McCall went on to say, “We plan to launch Axis Ink in the coming months and we are determined to prove, in everything we do from apparel to boat design, that Axis Wake Research is directed by our customers and the ideas of the wake market.” Further details on Axis Ink will surface soon.

About Axis Wake Research: Axis Wake Research manufactures high performance, price point wakeboard boats with new levels of quality, performance, style and owner pride. Axis performance and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the price-point market thanks to aggressive grassroots research and development. These efforts revolve around the specific needs and wants of core riders and families alike. Or as the team at Axis Wake Research likes to say and the Axis name implies “We’re centered on you.”