For this edition of Hard Goods we are testing the Mendonesia Surf. Who better to do the testing than our own Wakesurfing Editor Josh Sleigh? Josh might just be the most stoked guy on the planet, as well as an accomplished surfer, shaper, and supporter of wakesurfing. Josh and some of the Alliance staff headed out to the Carlsbad Lagoon on the first day of spring to surf some endless waves and get shredical – read on to see what Josh thought of this wakesurf boards.

Tester: Josh Sleigh

Age: Young Buck 🙂

Years riding: 33

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 180lbs

Board normally ridden: J.Sleigh (Josh shapes his own boards)

Medonesia – Hitchhiker

This board did not let me down in any areas. The Hitchhiker really caters to the wakesurfer who looks to get aggressive with his or her approach to the wave. It takes a bit more pumping to get it going but that was a size issue on my part and not the board (I was a bit big for it). Once I got it up to speed and it hit its glidepoint, the rail to rail action was also flawless and the same went with punts or airs. The board liked input and I rode it on a weighted boat with a larger wave and it seemed to improve as the wake/wave got bigger. Even though the board was a bit small for me it performed flawlessly and had a great amount of release for surface 360’s. I would jump on this board again without hesitation!


Carve (5=slaysh) – 4.5

Drive (5=fast) – 4.5

Landing (5=soft) – 4

Pop (5=lots) – 4.5

Release (5=loose) – 5

Nose Ride (5=easy) – 5

Backside (5=excellent) – 5


Height: 4’7″

Width: 19 7/8″

Thickness: 2 1/4″

Fins: Thruster

Core: EPS Foam w/ Epoxy Resin

MSRP: $695