What began as a board building ‘project’ in 2008 between a couple of friends has evolved into quite the journey of discovery, new friendships, and fun. In 2013, we spent months of all-nighters in preparation for our first commercial release of boards & bindings for the wakeboarding world to enjoy. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly and so too has wakeboarding – especially on the digital front. We’ve helped lead that charge thanks in part to our dedicated team of riders, board builders, and most importantly our loyal brand ambassadors like you.

Yes, the times they are a changin’— and so are we. We’re getting better at managing more with less. Better manufacturing lead times & quicker sales cycles means less time managing inventory. This gives us more time to create & test products, offer more demos, and provide a smoother customer experience overall.

Why should you care?

We are unwilling to compromise on pedaling the status quo. We are invested in building the most creative and best performing wakeboarding gear possible. As we dive into a more connect digital strategy for 2017, we can switch from pressing Randall Harris’ Circus board to a Langfield Pro in less time than it takes for the water to change from choppy whitecaps to buttery glass. We’ll have more agility, less overhead and a means to participate in our continued involvement in the growth & longevity of wakeboarding. It also means less waste and more jobs at our factory! Expect more product releases, better engagement, and more opportunities to ride our decks with a cold beverage in hand.

So What’s next?

New decks, new artists, and new product drops! We are putting the final touches on our line and we couldn’t be more excited for you to see, touch, and ride what we put together. Yeah, we’re spending truck loads of time at the factory and behind computers – but our goal is to design, press, ship, and service customers more efficient than ever before so you can spend more time enjoying your time on the water.

Ready to see more? Stay tuned for new announcements as we turn 2017 on in the coming weeks.