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Where are we going? I often get asked about what I think the future of wakesurfing holds. Now we all know we cannot predict the future. However, I do feel like the future of wakesurfing is very bright. All the boats are getting better, the waves are getting bigger and longer, the riders are getting younger, the parents are competing, board companies are in, and wake surfing is BLOWING UP!
    I feel good about where wake surfing is going. All the boat manufacturers now see the potential in wakesurfing and are building boats and systems to make the waves longer and bigger. Five years ago, we had 2 maybe 3 boat companies investing in wake surfing. Now every manufacturer is fully investing in the surf side. We also have the largest age range in all extreme sports. If you have been to a contest in the last couple years you know that we have a very talented stock of young up and coming kids that are shredding.
    Wake surf board companies seem to be popping up everywhere! This is a good thing. There are a lot of choices out there for riders to look at. A lot of very different shapes and ideas to see and try. I can only see this part of our sport continuing to grow. Some companies will come and go but I think overall there is always room for new ideas and concepts.
    Contests in the future: Contests are being held every where. Some bigger than others, some more family friendly than others but there are a lot of them. Maybe the future holds a World Championship where the qualified riders show up and every boat manufacturer has their top of the line surf machine at the event. The rider chooses what they want to ride behind. Cool idea right? Ride behind the same type of boat you own and train behind everyday. Or maybe a World Cup type of event. Where each country puts together a team of pros and amateurs and we compete against each other. What country would win? USA has good riders, Canada is stacked, and Russia is exploding.
    Regardless of what the future holds for contests, or what company makes the next amazing board, the only thing I am certain of is wake surfing is here to stay and I hope everyone reading this enjoys being on the water with friends and family enjoying good times. That is what wakesurfing is about!
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