Jobe signs pro Wakeboard rider Efi Levi to Wake Team 

Jobe is working hard to get a dominant position on the wakeboard market. Last season a complete new wake range was presented and big names like Julian Cohen and Rocco van Straten were signed to strengthen the Jobe team.

For the upcoming season Jobe announced an innovated wake range. The brand presented as much as three new shapes in its recently released 2013 catalogue.

For now Jobe can proudly announce a new addition to the Jobe team. The Israeli wakeboard rider Efi Levi will strengthen the Jobe wake team as from today. Efi is one of the most popular cable athletes from Europe who proves to belong to the top every year. Last years he always ended in the top 5 at the European Cable Wakeboard Championships.

Jobe is obviously very pleased with this addition. ‘’I am very happy with the fact that we have been able to contract Efi. He is very popular and has a large crowd of fans around the globe. This is because of his great results, but also because of his very positive attitude. He is a great ambassador for the sport. He is committed to everyone and motivates people to progress. Because of his good results and positive attitude, he is a perfect match with our brand’’, said Jobe’ Marketing Manager Henk van der Werf.

Efi himself is happy with his new sponsor. Efi: ‘’ I am proud to be part of the Jobe team. Jobe has a great reputation in the sport. The brand always shows involvement and that fits my personality. Together with Jobe I can carry out my love for the water sports. Jobe is always there for their athletes and has a great team’’.

At Jobe Efi will be reunited with his brother Moti Levi. Moti has been under contract at Jobe for several years now.

Keep a close eye on the Jobe website for more information: