Jobe starts cooperation with Layar

Innovation is key to Jobe this year! This is already reflected not only in the innovative 2013 collection, but also in the new catalog layout. On top of this, Jobe ups the ante even further by teaming up with innovative company Layar!

What is Layar?

Layar is an app for your smartphone. This app contains different “Layars” (levels) that if it were, add extra layers of reality to the catalog. The Jobe catalog now also has one of these extra layers added to it!

This layer allows you to view digital extras in the catalog. For example, scan the cover with the Layar app, and the scanner will start to play the Jobe Fusion of Fun Movie right away!

The Jobe catalog contains many pages with digital content, which can all be recognized by the Layar logo.

Starting December, the Jobe catalog will be available to be scanned in shops everywhere.

Scan and discover all digital extras!

Check out  for more information!