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Merced, CA March 26, 2014; Centurion Boats is proud to announce that one of wakeboarding’s winningest riders, Melissa Marquardt from Canyon Lake, California, has joined the Centurion professional wakeboarding team. Melissa has made her mark in wakeboarding with a unique style all onto her own and a focus of growing the sport of wakeboarding. In addition to her innovative freestyle Melissa, In various competitions, during a period from 2002 to 2011 that included the X-Games, the Vans Triple Crown, the Masters the Pro Tour and others, Melissa notched a top-three placement an astonishing forty times!

Melissa said, “I am really excited to be on the Centurion Team. Nothing beats hanging out on the boat with friends and family on a sunny day and with my new FX22 I’m looking forward to regular training sessions. The Centurion team has made me feel so welcome and I couldn’t be happier with the boat. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. “

Melissa’s boat is the PCM powered Enzo FX22 with the Hammerhead Bow, Centurion’s sensational 22-foot “wider bow” boat. The FX22 is regarded as Centurion’s best wakeboarding towboat but also provides excellent wake surfing waves too.

Melissa Marquardt grew up in Canyon Lake, California, where she started wakeboarding with her two brothers at a young age. When she turned 13 she got her first Liquid Force board. Shortly afterward Liquid Force offered Melissa a spot on the pro team and she has been with them ever since. Early contest victories motivated her to pursue wakeboarding further. Melissa was fortunate to have been coached by well-known Canyon Lake wakeboarders such as Her brothers Tommy and Charlie, Randall Harris, Kyle Murphy, Cody Hall, Ricky Gonzales, Ryan Augustine, Darrin Medley, Damian Klass, and Ricky Ephrom that have influenced her riding and have helped make her the champion that she is.

Todd Gaughan, Centurion’s VP of Marketing said, “We couldn’t be happier – Melissa is one of the most respected female athletes we’ve ever had the honor to work with and one that will certainly bring more attention to the Centurion brand. In the past, Centurion has been criticized for not focusing on wakeboarding enough. Adding Melissa, along other recent wakeboarding & wakeskating team members, should make it clear that we are serious about wakeboarding. We are looking forward to a great competitive season.”

For more information please visit the team page on or contact Centurion at 209-384-0255.

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About Centurion: Centurion Boats is most recognized as the first boat company to produce a dedicated wake surfing boat and with its new Enzo FX44 model, Centurion remains at the top-of-the-class in this space. In addition to world-class wakeboarding and slalom ski boats, Centurion has been a pioneer in watersports towboat technology. Centurion held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world’s largest, annual, premier wake surfing event. For more information please contact Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255 or

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