If you’ve seen Shaun Murray ripping this year on the King Of Wake Tour, Masters or at The Boarding School, you may have wondered what the new blue flame logo is all about. And what’s that black reusable bottle he carries around and keeps in his Hyperlite boot? For Murray, it’s the beginning of a new chapter with a Southern California based beverage company called HDX Hydration Mix.

With over 15 years on tour, Murray knows that taking care of himself is more important than ever. He has turned down offers to ride for other beverage companies, because he was looking for two things. 1.) A drink that was good for his health. 2.) A drink that tasted good.

“In the past, I have tried energy drinks here and there, but I always feel guilty drinking them.” Murray said. “With HDX, I love drinking it every day and it’s great to have on the boat or at contest sites for those long days. I feel a more sustained endurance and have the mental clarity that is key for riding my best.”

The difference for Murray was that HDX is not an “energy drink” loaded with caffeine and sugar. HDX is an environmentally driven, healthy alternative beverage that puts the voice of the community, customers and the planet first. We all know the burden that our wakeboard boats put on the environment, so Murray wanted to minimize his footprint as much as possible. That’s why he takes his stainless-steel, toxin free bottle everywhere, nearly eliminating his use of plastic.