Professional Wake Surfer, John Akerman, of Phase 5 Wakesurfers recently came out to Southern Oregon to participate in the making of the newest video from Pavati. The video, called Pavati AL-24 Episode 2: Performance, showcases Pavati’s newest addition to their boat line, the AL-24s, which sports a full length Surf Lounge™ and Pavati’s exclusive Rip Tide™ Surf System, is built for performance, and Pavati felt like John was the perfect wake surfer to get behind this beast of a boat.

A Little Bit About John:
Full Name: John Alexander Akerman
Birthdate/Age: May 13, 1994 (20)
Height: 5’10″
Weight: 180lbs
Birthplace: Orlando, Florida
Resides: Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
Local Skim Spot: IRB 26th Av.
Years Skimboarding/Wakesurfing: 9
Favorite Wake Surf Board: Phase 5 54″ Finless Oath
Sponsors: Phase 5, Freak Traction, Filibuster Apparel, Eelsnot Board Therapy, Pavati


MUSIC GENRES? Rock, rap, reggae, pretty much anything that has a good beat… well accept country!

FAVORITE FOODS? Well pretty much anything edible. But my special favorite is a “torta” from Melaque, Mexico. Its not that it’s the best thing to eat in the world, but it is tradition to eat a torta after every good skim session in Melaque. Half of what makes it so good are the memories that come with it!

DREAM TRAVEL LOCATION? There are too many places that I would like to go! But up on the top of my list would be INDO. Sooo many awesome reef breaks and barrels to be had, I’m sure!

WHY SKIMBOARDING? I started skimboarding because it was something fun to do while I wasn’t surfing. And becauseskimboarding is such a great mix between surfing and skateboarding I got good really fast.

WHY WAKE SURFING? Wake surfing is a lot like skimboarding, just with an endless wake. It’s a great way to stay in great shape and build up stamina.

5 YEARS FROM NOW? Well, I will defiantly still be skim boarding and wake surfing. But 5 years ago I didn’t think I would be where I’m at right now. I want to still be traveling around the world catching different waves. In 5 years I also want to see that skimboarding & wake surfing has come a long way from what it is today, and I hope that I play a big part of that.

PASSIONATE ABOUT? I feel very passionate upon bringing the sport of wake surfing to life! I also like to make the best out of any situation. You only live life once!

OTHER BOARD SPORTS? Skateboarding, surfing, flowboarding, skim boarding and any board sport you can ride behind a boat wake.

SPARE TIME? On my spare time I like to go hunting, fishing, dirt biking, boating, and I like to hit up the flowrider too. Hangin’ with good friends/family. And anything else that is fun and keeps me busy.

THOUGHTS ON PAVATI? I loved the Pavati wake boats. They are very comfortable and the atmosphere is great while riding around or just chillin’. Best part about the boats are the incredible wake. It’s got lots of push and plenty of power.

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